Short Fiction

“Delivered” in Worlds of Possibility (2024)

“Lightrunner’s Gambit”, self-published (2023)

“A Fearful Hold” in What Music They Make: Works Inspired by Bram Stoker’s Dracula (2022)

“Basil and the Wild” in the Middle Distance anthology from Victoria University Press (2021)

Why We Make Monsters” in Baffling Magazine Issue 2 (2021)

“Magic for Christmas” in the Jingle Spells anthology (2020)

“Tributary” in Pisces (The Zodiac Series #3) from Deadset Press (2020)

“Who Watches” in the Sharp and Sugar Tooth anthology from Upper Rubber Boot Press (2019)

“Grow Green” in Capricious Issue 8 (2018)

“Back When the River had No Name” in the At the Edge anthology from Paper Road Press (2016)